Faith, the hope for things which are not seen but are true. – Hebrews 11:1


To help people, including the general public, with tasks that they are unable or incapable of completing alone.  To focus on breast cancer survivors and their families; aiding with lifestyle changes and hope by helping them to ‘live life now’.


I am a 47 year old who is taking breast cancer on a ride of its life. I am battling this disease for the 3rd time and am now living with stage IV Metastatic breast cancer. My cancer began as a non-invasive form in 2003. As a result I had a mastectomy, reconstruction and took medicine for 5 years and went on with her life. In 2010 I noticed a small bump on my skin, on my left breast. It didn’t hurt so I ignored it. A few months later during a routine checkup I mentioned it to my surgeon. She immediately started taking pictures, and said that she would like to remove it.

The pathology report later deemed it was in fact cancerous. In 2012 from a visit to urgent care for a cold, and a weird feeling in my breast bone area, after x-rays, and a return call to follow up, it was found that the cancer had returned and spread to my chest walls, spine and head as stage IV metastatic breast cancer. This disease that graced its presence in my life in 2003 as “non-invasive has again and again invaded my life and changed my life. Although this disease has changed my life I refuse to let it own or define my journey in life.

While I am living with this terminal disease, I realize that others with this disease may not be living or coping as well as they could be. I decided to make lemonade with my lemons and founded a 501(c)3 organization entitled Angel in Disguise Inc.


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