Faith, the hope for things which are not seen but are true. – Hebrews 11:1


To help people, including the general public, with tasks that they are unable or incapable of completing alone.  To focus on breast cancer survivors and their families; aiding with lifestyle changes and hope by helping them to ‘live life now’.

About Angel In Disguise Inc.

As a three-time breast cancer survivor, Angela Baker understands all too well the challenges faced when completing cancer treatments.
First diagnosed in 2003, Angela has fought multiple bouts with metastatic breast cancer, while continuing to work full-time and as a single mom. Even with a leave of absence, Angela had a lot on her plate.
One day, Angela received a call. A woman reached out to ask for a ride to the doctor. This woman’s children could not help take her to her appointments and the treatments would be extremely draining, she needed someone not only to drive her, but to support her through these unpleasant appointments. Angela was there for her. She spent 5 hours with this woman through several major appointments and it was then that Angela realized her passion and Angel in Disguise Inc. was founded.
Angel in Disguise serves to take people battling cancer, affectionately called VIDAS (Victorious, Inspired, Delicate, Angel Survivor), to their doctor appointments. Not only does Angel in Disguise drive them to the doctor, but they also go to the appointment with them in order to support them in any way they can.  Whether that’s offering emotional support, helping them walk, or helping them understand the doctor’s diagnosis or instruction, Angel in Disguise makes the impossible possible so VIDAS’ can Live Life Now and get the treatment they need.
Angel in Disguise has helped many VIDAS’ over the lifetime of the organization through challenging times. But now, they need your help. Their primary vehicle recently died, and while this hasn’t stopped the mission, it has required the use of personal vehicles to continue making a difference. While the use of personal vehicles is a sacrifice they are willing to make for the cause, Angel in Disguise is currently raising money to purchase a new vehicle. If Angela’s story inspired you as much as it did us, we encourage you to visit their GoFundMe https://www.gofundme.com/jersiangelindisguise and donate towards their new vehicle.
To write this article, I had the privilege to chat with Angela to hear her story and how it inspired Angel in Disguise. As I listened, what struck me about Angela was how she turned a trial into a blessing. She took a challenge from her own life and selflessly used that experience to make a positive difference for those going through similar experiences. As SHARE Charlotte celebrates women’s health and wellness this month, we couldn’t think of a better organization and founder to bring to your attention. Even in the midst of trial, may we always see the opportunity to do GOOD around us. Just like Angela.


Angela is a 48 year old three time breast cancer survivor who is currently living with stage IV Metastatic breast cancer and is taking breast cancer on a ride of its life. Her cancer began as a non-invasive form in 2003. As a result she had a mastectomy, reconstruction and took tamoxifen for 5 years and went on with her life. In 2010 she noticed a small bump on the skin, on her left breast. It didn’t hurt so she ignored it. A few months later during a routine checkup she mentioned it to her surgeon. Her doctor immediately started taking pictures, and said that she would like to remove it.

The pathology report later deemed the bump was in fact cancerous. In 2012 after x-rays, during a visit to urgent care and subsequent follow up call for a cold, and a weird feeling in her breast bone area; it was determined that the cancer had returned.  The cancer had spread to her chest walls, spine and head as stage IV metastatic breast cancer. This disease that graced its presence in her life in 2003 as “non-invasive has again and again invaded her life and changed her life. Although this disease has changed her life, she refuses to let it own or define her journey in life.

While Angela is living with this terminal disease, she realized that others with this disease may not be living or coping as well as they could be. With this in mind, she decided to make lemonade with her lemons and founded a 501(c)3 organization entitled Angel in Disguise Inc. to provide transportation and support to breast cancer patients, in Charlotte, NC.


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