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Angel in Disguise Events

My story – I am a survivor as well as a fighter. I am battling breast cancer for the third time and now have stage 4 breast cancer. My cancer began as a non-invasive form in 2003. As a result I had a mastectomy, reconstruction and took medicine for 5 years and went on with my life. In 2010 I noticed a small bump on my skin, on the breast that had been removed. It didn’t hurt or itch so I ignored it. A few months later during a routine checkup I mentioned it to my surgeon. She immediately started taking pictures, and said she would like to remove it. The pathology report later deemed it was in fact cancerous. In 2011 from a visit to the urgent care for a cold, and a weird feeling in my left breast bone area,  after x-rays, and a return call to follow up, it was found that the cancer had returned, and now in stage 4. This disease that has graced its presence in my life in 2003 as “non-invasive” thought it could somehow come back and invade my life and change my life. Although this disease has changed my life I refuse to let it own my life.

As a result Angel In Disguise Events was born in March 2013.

What We Do

Angel In Disguise Events & concierge services, is an intimate event coordinator as well as a personal concierge. In addition we assist those less fortunate and without transportation attend doctor’s appointments, get food, medicine or whatever their immediate needs may be.

We AIDE you in making the impossible, possible!