By Charis Isis

Somedays I feel like I am on top of the world
Somedays I feel like world is shaking and I can’t grab my footing
Somedays I feel trapped in the COVID bubble
Somedays I erase COVID from my mind and #livelifenow
Somedays I feel like a fierce #Angelindisguise
Somedays I want to pack the angel up and hide
Somedays I am a warrior and nothing can stop me
Somedays I get emotional and the slightest things make me sad
Somedays you never know what I am dealing with
Somedays I say what cancer
Somedays the fact that my liver Mets have increased again is a BOLD reality and the mouth sores are real
Somedays I give it all to God
Somedays i worry if these new meds will work or are working
My somedays are my new today’s BUT
Today I just want to go back to my old normal, living fearless, traveling and moving mountains.
#jersispeaks #LiveLifenow #Metastaticworld #godsgotme

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