Angel in Disguise was founded in 2015 by Angela Baker, a three-time breast cancer survivor who is currently living her life to the fullest with stage IV metastatic breast cancer.

Our Mission

Angel in Disguise makes it possible for people with cancer who are underserved and uninsured to get the health care access, treatment and support they need, so they can live their best life now.

Angel in Disguise serves to support people battling cancer, affectionately called V.I.D.A.S. (Victorious, Inspired, Delicate, Angel, Survivor) with tasks they are unable to complete alone. We focus on breast cancer survivors and their families, helping them adjust to lifestyle changes and maintain hope so they can ‘live life now’.This includes providing transportation to doctor’s appointments, offering emotional support during treatments, helping them understand the doctor’s diagnosis or instructions and providing any physical or additional support they need throughout their journey.