Complimentary Transportation

To Patients In The Greater Charlotte Area

Doctors Appointments



Light Errands

Medicine Pick Up

Grocery Shopping

Emotional & Moral Aid

Because hugs are free

Monthly Support Groups

Share experiences, give advice and enjoy each others company

We are more than a transportation company

We support patients during their appointments, advocate for them and ensure they have access to the treatment and medication they need to thrive during this tough time.

Complimentary transportation to cancer patients in the greater Charlotte area, including doctor’s appointments, treatments and surgery

Emotional and moral support during doctor appointments and treatment

Light errands and medicine pick up upon verification from treating doctor

Post Surgery Meal Preparation assistance And Holiday turkey giveaways at Thanksgiving

Comfort bags for new VIDAS, filled with angel love & care

Monthly Peer support groups to share experiences and advice and enjoy each others company 

We also provide student pick up and non-treatment related transportation services for a fee.
Please use our scheduling and intake forms to request a service. We’ll reach out to you as soon as possible to learn more about you, your diagnosis and how we can help.